PREMIUM RUSH Vlog 8/26/12

PREMIUM RUSH Vlog 8/26/12Movie night! We love movies filmed in NYC! Yoon discovers a new candy variety. Sorry the video size is weird… the upload kind of messed up I think! It’ll be fixed for tomorrow’s vlog! Did you enter the GIVEAWAY? Link to the video here: Follow us on twitter! Like us on facebook! Instagram: theveryberrielife Yoon’s beauty channel: Instagram: byoonique “daily vlog” “video diary” couple blog “reality show” married mar

17 thoughts on “PREMIUM RUSH Vlog 8/26/12

  1. It was really weird for me to see you put the crepe batter in the fridge. When my mom makes them she doesn’t do that. She makes a cream cheese filling & she rolls the crepe like a burrito & puts powdered sugar on top! Yum! Movies here in Chicago are $5-10, unless you go select theaters that have movies for like $1-4!

  2. $14?? That’s insane! Ours are $7 for matinee or whenever for me since I get a student discount, but I believe they’re $9 otherwise. But the snacks… that’s where they get you!

  3. movies here are 5 to 7dollars. and since i have a boy its a must to sneak in junk food lol. but i would open the bag of chips a little so all the air comes out less noise and more room for more 😉 .. the ending was Adorableee!

  4. i’m sure you’ve figured it out already, but i’m a new subscriber! love watching your vids! esp loved watching your northern europe cruise… i enjoy cruising! looking forward to bermuda 2012 .. out of NYC 😉

  5. Haha whenever me and my friends go to the movies we always sneak in a bag of potato chips and m&m’s! thats the way to roll and save money! And when i’m in nj to visit, my friends and i usually go out to edgewater to see a movie. They have this thing called ‘super tuesday’ where movie tickets are half off!

  6. I thought when I brought a subway sandwich in the theater to watch X-Men First Class was a big deal but dang that bag of cheetos was huge! lol How did you get away with the crinkly bag sound?

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