NY RANGERS AT MSG VLOG January 26, 2013

NY RANGERS AT MSG VLOG January 26, 2013YESTERDAY’S VLOG: DID YOU ENTER THE GIVEAWAY??? ************OPEN ME!!!!***************** Thank you so much for watching and being a part of our lives! Please “LIKE” the video, and don’t forget to become a SUBSCRIBERRIE! We got married on August 6, 2011 and it has been an amazing ride so far. Watch the video here! Wedding video: Get to know us!! When did we meet? What’s our career? What kind of dogs do we have? FAQs and Introduction Video:

20 thoughts on “NY RANGERS AT MSG VLOG January 26, 2013

  1. Joon & Justin, waking up every morning with a new VBL vlog to watch is amazing. I literally rush to my computer to see what you guys are (or rather were) up to. Thank you for brightening up my day!

  2. Hockey games are a blast… So much energy 😉 yoon, I like to use mini towels as a pillow cover– it eliminates the hassle of changing the pillow covers constantly….

  3. Loving seeing this Vlog because I live just outside of Toronto so I am obviously a Maple Leaf Fan!!!
    I am a fairly new subscriberrie and I would love to hear what your proposal story was and how you decided to get married at Martha’s Vineyard!!

  4. Hey Im a Berry Fan all the way from Scotland ( have you ever been?) 😛 I love watching your vlogs every morning to start my day 🙂 you both make me laugh and I think you guys make a great married couple . I love being able to see New York looks amazing I want to go there so bad .. hope you’s read this 🙂 p.s Yoon you are so whimsical and hilarious its a pleasure to be able get to know you 😉 xxxx

  5. Hockey games are hella fun!!! Been to three if them and they are hard core super fun! My kids have never gone though, so I’ll have to bring them to a game next time.

  6. Hi Yoon and Justin…it’s Just Jen now. Lol. I was shocked you mentioned me today in your blog. I feel very humbled and blessed! I’m such a big fan of you and BOTH of your your youtube channels. You are such an inspiration to me and I needed to let you know this, hence my comment…especially on your doubtful days. You NEED to know how many lives you touch every day. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!!! Big hugs to you BOTH!!!

  7. Love hockey games! We have season tickets to our local team and are pretty die hard fans…love that you call it jail. That made me lol. being pregnant is the most amazing feeling. So weird how quickly and easily you can fall in love with someone you have never met. I was sick the entire pregnancy…actually until the day after she was born..and she was 2 weeks late! I actually still loved being pregnant so much! Feeling and seeing movements and kicks is the best!

  8. The game looked so fun!!! Oh my gosh haha you asked if that’s what it feels like to be pregnant .. mmm yes lol I mean its so weird loving someone so much that you haven’t met yet and want to protect from the world that lives in your belly hehe .. great vlog 🙂 XO

  9. Hi! My name is Suhee and I am planning to go back to America this fall to go to a high school. I was really excited to find a Korean blogger in Youtube. To find that your a musician made my life better. I have been playing piano since I was 3 and my dream was to go to Julliard School. I kind of stopped playing piano since it was so hard to find a teacher in Korea. I lost my passion but after seeing you play violin made me want to start playing piano again. I wanted to say thank you! <3

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