MRI RESULTS! VLOG January 28, 2013

MRI RESULTS! VLOG January 28, 2013YESTERDAY’S VLOG: DID YOU ENTER THE GIVEAWAY??? ************OPEN ME!!!!***************** Thank you so much for watching and being a part of our lives! Please “LIKE” the video, and don’t forget to become a SUBSCRIBERRIE! We got married on August 6, 2011 and it has been an amazing ride so far. Watch the video here! Wedding video: Get to know us!! When did we meet? What’s our career? What kind of dogs do we have? FAQs and Introduction Video:

20 thoughts on “MRI RESULTS! VLOG January 28, 2013

  1. Always get a second opinion. Don’t rush it. I had a herniated disc and it healed somewhat by resting. But it does act up a bit. The surgery is to really that big a deal anymore. But it’s still scary. I hope it heals well. On another note, What nail polish are you wearing?

  2. I have herniations C5-7. I was unable to really move my neck or arm for a few months without pain. I chose not to do the surgery bec for me there were too many risks involved. The thought that surgery is done anteriorly kind of scared me off!! It has been about 8 yrs and I do get pain on and off. I have to be cautious of my posture constantly and not making swift movements that can irritate and bring swelling and pain back. What makes it worse of all things is sitting at the computer

  3. Yoon!!! I would have totally cried if I had heard you needed surgery……
    (Luckily *TOUCHWOOD* you don’t)…. You are the most sweetest person & I couldn’t have stand to see you in pain :( You are a really wonderful person.. you really don’t deserve any pain at all
    BE STRONG <3
    FYI I look upto both you & Justin as the best inspiration on so many levels 😀

  4. Get a workman’s comp lawyer. Most medical professionals are proactive about their patients. Maybe you need another doctor who will fight for you. I hope you get some resoultion.

  5. Sorry to hear. I am in CA as well. Workman’s comp actually wanted me to have surgery and my spine doc fought for me. Arnie was hot and cold with us medical folks. I am glad he is gone. He shouldn’t have been! Again I hope you get some resolution and be painfree.

  6. Glad to know that you don’t need surgery and that conservative rx is advised! I would definitely go with the latter too. PS: I used to read MRIs as a Radiology trainee. Scroll through your MRI slices until you see the spinal cord in it’s entirety from top to bottom (that way you know you are in the right spot) and try and spot the herniated discs from that sagittal view.

  7. I have one. It’s just the workers comp laws are all screwed up here in California. Arnold gave the employers more rights and protection when he was Governor.

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