MAC N CHEESE Vlog 8/27/12 Part 2

MAC N CHEESE Vlog 8/27/12 Part 2Video size will be fixed TOMORROW. Promise!!! Watch Part 1 here! Did you enter the GIVEAWAY? Link to the video here: Follow us on twitter! Like us on facebook! Instagram: theveryberrielife Yoon’s beauty channel: Instagram: byoonique “daily vlog” “video diary” couple blog “reality show” married marriage real relationship relationships love newlywed vlog video vlogging asian korean jewish husband wife

14 thoughts on “MAC N CHEESE Vlog 8/27/12 Part 2

  1. I like that your finding time out of your day to aknowledge you blessings Justin, life can get really hectic and overwhelming I like to read the bible every morning it gets me to face this crazy place we live in, also if i can’t get to reading it i pray and ask for strength and guidance each morning

  2. wooooow that looked sooo yuuuuumy!!! i failed my 10day raw 🙁 . only lasted 4days and a half .. justin iss toooo funny wit his plate of food!! and first thing i try to do wen i wake up is walk out side . i know weird but i gather energy from outside and im pretty good troughout the day 🙂

  3. sock dance lol : p mac n cheese with cheetos!! awesome combination. Justin so cute sharing his thoughts : p . I just pray or say to my higher self im love, healthy, peace,energy, light.

  4. Go Justin- that’s my hubbies name as well. He’s a personal trainer and loves plyrometrics too.  I am studying right now to be a personal trainer as well as it is so fascinating…! everyday I write 5 things I am thankful for and also 5 things I love about my hubbs… From the book “simple abundance” by Sara something! Helps to keeps you thing positive about what you already have instead of the i will be happy when …..

  5. Something I do to make be & feel stronger is working out! I’ve never really worked out day to day aside from gym at school but that’s not really a good workout. I got the inspiration to workout because of you guys! I see how well you take care of your bodies & I want to do the same to mine! I’m only 16 years old but I guess you’re never too young to start!

  6. i bet if justin would of crumbled up those cheese curls and spread overtop of the macNcheese then just baked for a few mins it would of been delish!!! LOL
    good to have that morning “ritual” thing going on, great way to start the day! maybe that is what I need to do because I get anxiety alot which is not too fun 🙁
    enjoy your day! and the sock dance was funny!!

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