LABOR DAY BAGS Vlog 9/1/12

LABOR DAY BAGS Vlog 9/1/12Did you enter the GIVEAWAY? Link to the video here: FAQs and Introducion Video: Follow us on twitter! Like us on facebook! Instagram: theveryberrielife Yoon’s beauty channel: Instagram: byoonique “daily vlog” “video diary” couple blog “reality show” married marriage real relationship relationships love newlywed vlog video vlogging asian korean jewish husband wife funny drama silly pets dogs “cute pup

17 thoughts on “LABOR DAY BAGS Vlog 9/1/12

  1. My first day back to school is tomorrow & I’m starting to get anxious & this video helped me calm down. Also Yoon, good luck back at work tomorrow too! Happy Labor Day to both of you!!

  2. I JUST LOOVED how justins dad talked very proper with an accent! 🙂 . the food looked so goood. . and i was laughing soooo much wen they showed the zebra on the tv. 🙂 was that akward to see wit the inlaws? so funny.

  3. Yoon, please tell your father in law that his back yard really looked like a nice botanic garden filled with flowers and herbs! Chloe has good taste in choosing her favorite spot there. 

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