FAQs and INTRODUCTIONIt’s only been about three months since we uploaded our very first video! We’ve loved every minute of our journey so far thank to you, our loyal, thoughtful, and loving subscriberries. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for letting us share our life with you, for your kind words, wise advice, and inspiring stories. These are a couple of frequently asked questions and a bit of background about us! Please connect with us through our other social media sites, and we’d love to answer any

11 thoughts on “FAQs and INTRODUCTION

  1. Loved it!! 🙂 .. it was very nice to see the reason behind why you guys started youtubing. 🙂 .you guys bring positive and happiness to us. and last video wen u mentioned we are all one i started thinking if we alll saw it that way we would all live to love one another happly thank you for being such a beautiful person! 🙂 and justin for being a funny lovable man! 🙂

  2. AHAHA You guys r so awesome this was very interesting i figured you guys workd hard for what you had i mean bmw what i think is a super nice house etc 🙂 way fun/cool 2 hear!

  3. loved the F&Q ! i’m amazed at how your cat Chloe stays in the car like that! on his lap and all while driving? mine would be so scared lol to be out like that,,so sweet!!!! usually cats don’t do as well in cars like dogs do. amazing!

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