ERRANDS DAY Vlog 8/28/12 Part 1

ERRANDS DAY Vlog 8/28/12 Part 1Follow Yoon to all her FAVORITE stores for errands, like TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Michaels and Whole Foods. Watch Part 2 here! Did you enter the GIVEAWAY? Link to the video here: Follow us on twitter! Like us on facebook! Instagram: theveryberrielife Yoon’s beauty channel: Instagram: byoonique “daily vlog” “video diary” couple blog “reality show” married marriage real relationship relationships love newl

20 thoughts on “ERRANDS DAY Vlog 8/28/12 Part 1

  1. did you ever watch Gilmore Girls? you remind me of the girl that played Lane Kim , rory’s best friend,,her personality on the show reminds me of yours sort of lol . ifyou never seen it you should watch some episodes it was a great show.!! 

  2. Hi Joon! did you say you were by a Home Goods? you should have gone there. I always find the best gift boxes n frames . Everything is really nice:) oh n i can’t wait for your concerts to start:) n by the way no Justin today n your furry babies:((

  3. idk how i found you guys, but i am glad i did. my favorite things on yt are vlogs and very seldom to a care for both members of the couple, however, i do in this case! 🙂 wish you all the best, appreciate all the effort.

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