CHILLIN’ IN THE RAIN Vlog 8/27/12 Part 1

CHILLIN' IN THE RAIN Vlog 8/27/12 Part 1Ok, we promise TOMORROW the video size will be fixed!! Sorry! Watch Part 2 here! Did you enter the GIVEAWAY? Link to the video here: Follow us on twitter! Like us on facebook! Instagram: theveryberrielife Yoon’s beauty channel: Instagram: byoonique “daily vlog” “video diary” couple blog “reality show” married marriage real relationship relationships love newlywed vlog video vlogging asian korean jewi

6 thoughts on “CHILLIN’ IN THE RAIN Vlog 8/27/12 Part 1

  1. yooon you peeping tom you. lol! .. yoon the fact is you will be getting more subscriberries soon cause you guys are amazing! and you will start work soon soo you might not be able to keep up to all comments but that IS understandable 🙂 . im just glad you share your vlogs wit us 🙂

  2. Yeah curious what you do exactly… Something with music I assume. Please enlighten all of us! On rainy days too I would be looking out and peeking into windows!

  3. SOO cool that you’re a fellow korean!!! I thought you weren’t but awesome to find out!! And I really like your volgs, you and Justin are a wonderful couple 🙂 

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