Indian Wedding. A touching Story! Heaven Sent!

Indian Wedding. A touching Story! Heaven Sent!Heaven Sent…was the exact same words uttered by the groom, Raja! He said to me that day, in my showroom, Heh, Greg! This girl, Malar, that I m marrying to, is heaven sent! Raja & Malar, were both solemnized at the Sri Sundararaja Perumal Devasthanam Temple on 3rd. July 2009, in Klang, Selangor. This is the highlights video of the their Hindu wedding ceremony, that was edited and put together on the same day of their wedding, and was premiered live in PJ Hilton at the reception. Its a tough edi

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  1. @telorinodelhoyoo
    It’s a traditional South Indian wedding. No liquor usually. Often, drinks + partying takes place the day after the wedding ceremony at an event called ‘Reception’ which is meant to ‘receive’ the bride into the family 🙂

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