Hindu, Indian Wedding. Suren+Premilla. Wedding Ceremony highlights! (SDE)

Hindu, Indian Wedding. Suren+Premilla. Wedding Ceremony highlights! (SDE)21st of March, a very auspicious day for many people in the world as it is also the Spring Equinox, the first day of spring and some also celebrate this day like New Year! Likewise, this lovely couple-Suren & Prem tight the knot on this wonderful day, here in Sri Raja Rajeswary Hindu Temple, in Ampang, Malaysia! Then, to a reception in Nilai Convention Centre and about 800 people attended. This was the exact video premiered at the reception! Enjoy Viewing it and do leave your comments! For more

20 thoughts on “Hindu, Indian Wedding. Suren+Premilla. Wedding Ceremony highlights! (SDE)

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  2. i’m not into the traditional hindu weddings at all, but i really enjoyed your vid. really made me feel like it was such a great occasion and i’m sure they will remember it thanks to you. 🙂

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